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Globsyn's Automation Testing Life Cycle

Globsyn's automation testing process cycle follows a 5 phase model. The team believes that an object oriented driven framework is best suited for automation testing. A team of architects design the framework and the templates based on domain / business requirement.

5 Phase Automation Testing

Automation Testing Activities

Automation Analysis

  • Define requirements
  • Develop business case/confirm estimate
  • Develop data management strategy
  • Develop prototype
  • Define coding standards

Automation Design

  • Design and construct test caserepository
  • Design script modules
  • Design data management process
  • Design automation management processes

Build Automation Script

  • Build scripts
  • Build data management process

Execute Script

Generate Test Log Report

Our Technology > Testing Services

The need for speed is a key factor for every software system. Whether users are on a high speed connection or a low speed dial up modem, everyone on the Internet expects speed. With the emergence of technologies that enable e-commerce, b2b and b2c transactions, user experience is very critical. A system that does not provide the kind of response a user expects would be disastrous. A bad experience can often lead to user bail outs.

A high performance system is a combination of high availability, low response time, high throughput and minimum resource utilization.

Thus performance testing can help in answering key questions on the system's performance in production. Performance testing helps in setting up a system which can meet the performance objectives as defined by the stakeholders of the system.

Performance Testing Activities

Performance Test Measurement

  • CPU Usage
  • Memory Usage
  • SQL Queries
  • File I/O
  • Messages
  • Logging to files or databases
  • Calls to Middleware functions
  • Calls to software in a different process, thread or processor
  • Application Cache and Buffers
  • OS Handles like threads, memory, sockets
  • Network I/O and type of network resource access
  • Number of connections to the databases etc

Performance Test – Online Monitoring

  • Error & Exception
  • Response time graph
  • Throughput graph
  • Transaction passed failed
  • Page/component download time graph
  • Keep checking server logs
  • Capture the slow SQLs
  • Server Resource



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